imgres-1American College of Nurse-Midwives (ACNM) is the professional association that represents certified nurse-midwives and certified midwives in the United States. With roots dating to 1929, ACNM is the oldest women’s health care organization in the United States. ACNM provides research, administers and promotes continuing education programs, establishes clinical practice standards, and creates liaisons with state and federal agencies and members of Congress.  ACNM


fam_logoThe Foundation for the Advancement of Midwifery is a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing access to midwifery in North America through education, research and public policy. Consistent independent research shows that expanding the midwives model of care in North America improves maternal and infant health outcomes, reduces unnecessary and costly medical interventions, and increases patient satisfaction. FAM receives its support from foundations and individuals who understand the need for maternity care reform for its high costs and poor outcomes for mothers and babies. FAM


imgresThe Midwives Alliance of North America was established in 1982 and is a professional membership organization that promotes excellence in midwifery practice, endorses diversity in educational backgrounds and practice styles, and is dedicated to unifying and strengthening the profession, thereby increasing access to quality health care and improving outcomes for women, babies, families, and communities. MANA



imgresThe National Association of Certified Professional Midwives envisions a new era of maternity care in the US, with a unified profession of midwifery that is free from racism and oppression. Their purpose is to support the education, practice, and advancement of CPMs and inspire and engage them to be an organized force for change to increase access to high quality, high value maternity care for all women. NACPM



imagesNew York State Association of Licensed Midwives is a group of licensed Midwives who are located in different parts of New York. They came together in 2000 to give midwives a voice. This website also has the option to find a midwife closest to you. Their mission is To promote the health and well-being of women and infants through midwifery care, facilitate the professional practice of Licensed Midwives in the State of New York, and encourage and maintain collegial relationships with healthcare providers, institutions, and organizations.  NYSALM



imgres-1The North American Registry of Midwives supports a health care system where every family in North America has access to skilled and responsible midwives. The individualized attention provided by the CPM in practice is of critical importance to her role as guardian of normal birth, and to the value of her compassionate maternity care. NARM sets standards for competency-based certification that allow a midwife to support a woman’s right to choose her birth attendants and place of birth and to involve those she identifies as her family in the birth experience. NARM


images-1NYC Midwives is an affiliate organization of the New York State Association of Licensed Midwives (NYSALM), the ACNM (American College of Nurse-Midwives) state affiliate. New York City Midwives practice an ancient tradition in modern times. The role of midwives has expanded over time to now include not only care of the reproductive age woman but also of women throughout their lives. They proudly continue our long heritage of caring for women before, during, and after pregnancy. NYC Midwives.